Nachtfalke - Berserk

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When the Sun died<br />

Only the strong survived<br />

Hear the song of the immortal ones<br />

Hear the song of Odins sons<br />

<br />

Wild and fearless like the beats<br />

They killed the Romans. Arabs and priests<br />

One eyed Odin nailed these men<br />

In peace and when they attacked again<br />

<br />

Berserker - rage comes from the heart<br />

Berserker - let the bloodly battle start<br />

Berserker - With the sword of the holy steel<br />

Berserker - that's the Triumph of the will<br />

<br />

Magic drink let your hate grow<br />

They fought on sea, in dessert and snow<br />

Couldn't be beat by Christian scum<br />

Pagans awake! Our time will come! <br />

<br />

The mystery of the endless hate<br />

In our hearts eternally waits<br />

Till the time fight goes on<br />

And the final war is one

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