Na Leo Pilimehana

Na Leo Pilimehana - Playing With My Mind lyrics

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It's like no matter what I do

I just can't help but think of you

You're on my mind all night and all the day....yeah

The vision of your smile is here

inside my head, between my ears

dancing all around in every way yeah...oh yeah

Oh yeah...oh yeah

The moment I laid eyes on you

I knew that dreams they do come true

You sure know how to brighten up my day ...yeah

I'm hoping that someday we'll be

together as a family

with you is where I always want to stay...yeah...oh yeah

Oh yeah....oh yeah


'Cause life is always playing with my mind

drop me to my lowest low

and it makes me high.....oh yeah

So baby now you know it's true

there ain't no me, if there's no you

it's us and that's the way it's going to stay....yeah

'cause loving you with all my might

so hug me babe, and hold on tight

from now on everything will be okay....yeah...oh yeah

Oh yeah....oh yeah


Oh yeah, oh yeah

oh yeah, baby oh yeah.

oooh yeah, oh yeah.

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