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Na Leo Pilimehana - Christmas In Your Eyes lyrics

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So many nights I sat alone

Looking at what I'd never seen before

All that I had there in my life

Only a dark and starry sky

Funny how long changes you view

Suddenly everything so new

And now I couldn't if I've tried

Count all the blessings in my life

Til I saw Christmas in your eyes

I never felt before inside

But love it has no end, it all began

When I saw Christmas in your eyes

That silent night so long ago

There it began we've come to know

A mothers love, a fathers joy

Hope of the world in a baby boy

I wonder too, Mary did you

Feel something that you never knew

On that first night, you held him tight

Sang him a tiny lullaby

When you know love, you realize

You are the life of Christmas in someones eyes

Til I saw Christmas in your eyes

I've never come to realize

How every twinkle little light

Shines like a beacon in the night

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