N2DEEP - V-Town lyrics

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(feat. B-Legit, E-40)

[dial tone]

(Hi, the state and what city, please?)

Vallejo, bitch!

Ha yeah, what's up though

We got some players in the concert tonight

and they all from the V-Town

These muthafuckas is dope though

I'm tellin you, bro

you ain't never heard no shit like this befo'

So Jay Tee, step up to that mic and tell em how you rollin

[VERSE 1: Jay Tee]

A 40's what I'm holdin when I'm rollin around

We got the top down bumpin the sound

It's the boys from the V-Town, come right inside, straight pimpin

Dip, hit the strip, I take another sip, then

Kick back and count my bank, yeah, I got dank

Straight skunk, that shit that stank

So now I got my mail on, got another sale on

I don't care who you tell, I got my bail on

Fuck jail, man, I'm out on the street

Here to kickin it with the crew or with a young freak

It's Jay Tee comin cooler than most

Rhyme sayer, pipe layer from the West Coast

Where we toast, kick up and hang

No, we don't gangbang, it's just a crew thing

So you know that I'ma always be down

(With who?) With the muthafuckin V-Town

V-Town, V-Town

[Mac Dre] (Vallejo, Californ-i-a)


Once again in my 'Lac, strictly sex on my mind

Got the kind so it's time to relax and unwind

( ? ) I need to get my yak on

Once I get a rock on I'm gonna throw a sack on

So it really doesn't matter if she's thinner, if she's fatter

Than a bus, all I'm gonna do is bust nuts up in her guts

Trust, thrust just a little more till I hit the vibration

Down on my fours, finish up my nut

I make you come through, gee

Look at my pager, it'll say 553-

0461 ( ? )

The Vogues got the hoes just waitin in line

( ? ) TL (back to the hotel)

And after that we'll (hit another hotel)

If the bed is taken throw her on the ground

Cause yo, that's how we sling it in the V-Town

V-Town, V-Town

[Mac Dre] (Vallejo, Californ-i-a)

[VERSE 3: Jay Tee]

Now it's the V-a-double l-e-j-o

We hope you know that ( ? ) with a hoe

Cause yo, the players don't roll like they don't do it

But no one's gonna know that every player's been through it

So buy you some ( ? ) and everything'll be cool

And just to be safe, yo man, you better wear two

Cause yeah, they thick and they all look good

But they hot as a fire and they burnin like wood

In the V-Town...

Now when I say the V I mean Vallejo

You gotta have game to stack your mail

You see the times is tough and the streets is rough

But hey, nobody said that you was put here to play

So just be a mack like me (Jay Tee)

Get signed to Rated Z and get paid correctly

I make my money, then bounce

Jump in the train with a real cold 40 ounce

Before I sleep with sluts, playin nothin but old cuts

I'm feelin on big butts

I love life, no wife, I'm just straight up mackin

The big dollars I'm stackin

The plug is on every time that I pick up the mic

I do what I feel and I say what I like

I'm on top cause you know I've always been down

(With who?) With the muthafuckin V-Town

V-Town, V-Town

[Mac Dre] (Vallejo, Californ-i-a)

[VERSE 4: B-Legit]

Legit from the Click, yeah bitch, I'm down

Another muthafucka representin the Town

I'm from the V-Town Hillside ( ? )

Two-inch white walls, Vogues and Zeniths

You gotta be right when you side with B

It ain't too ( ? ) when they're fuckin with me

(What you got?) Gold tone plate with the shoes to match

(What else?) Gold pin stripes and gold tone sacks

Sick Click shit, man, that's for reala

And California lifestyle's cool, killer

Late night loungin, I'm in pursuit

Of naythin but legs open after two

So I hops in my coupe and I'm after a

Bitch in a '92 Acura

Straight ( ? ) and you know I'm down

I'm up in em when I bust one for the V-Town

[VERSE 5: E-40]

Magazine Street, Hillside

Vallejo, let's side

Would you look, would you listen

I know you're sayin to yourself: E-40's missin

But man tiger, I was outside of Rated Z pissin

Comin off ( ? ), perved, keyed out my fuckin head

Burnt, twisted, eyes bloodshot red

On the cooch muthafuckas don't want me to let loose

We get our 'Lacs, me, Muggsy, Mac D-Shot, Lil' Bruce

The Valley-Jo, these are the things that you need to know, man

The shit I'm spittin, niggas don't understand

Speakin up for my land ( ? ) all that old shit

Straight up out of Vallejo, E-40 and the Click

Scattin Cutlasses, the beat is boisterous

Smokin muthafuckas like a clitoris

Me and N2Deep, you know we're at this

E-40 holdin his ground

(For who?) For my folks in the V-Town

V-Town, V-Town

[Mac Dre] (Vallejo, Californ-i-a)

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