N2DEEP - Toss-Up lyrics

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[VERSE 1: Jay Tee]

Late one night when I was creepin

And the rest of the world was sleepin

I got a beep from a little freak I met

At the mall, yes y'all, she was gettin the call

So I called, said: What's up, what's the deal?

You booty looked real good today

You know I'm ready to lay

(Some pipe) yeah, the N2Deep type

She said: Cool, bring someone from the crew

I said okay, picked up [Name] on my way

I woulda got [Name] but he was with some hoe

So it's just me and the dog and we're ready to gee

We picked the girl up and it was plain to see

That she was down to spin around and all that

Parked the ride and we jumped in the back

Huh, we got did and did, man, you know what's up

Straight yak, she's a toss-up




(Neighborhood toss)


TL, wake that hoe up, man


Wake up, toss-up, you better call your boss up

Get up, wash up, dirty little toss-up

I'm in too deep and I'm still goin deeper

Not a straight peck redneck or a Crest creeper

Freak keeper, but only for a minute

Pull out ( ? ) 40 ounce and I'm up in it

Geein (Like that?) and I'm slingin thangs

Cause I'm pushin in Jimmy, then I'm pullin out James

10 gun salute to the man in the latex suit

(What's up?) This bud's for you

Straight dank man, goin up off 100 miles north of the V-Town

This shit'll have you towed down

Pull my lever and you felt the wrath

Honkey with a donkey that you know you can have

So let my super-duper ( ? ) rinky-dinky

Suck my pinky, stinky little toss-up




(Neighborhood toss)


[VERSE 3: Jay Tee]

She's a toss-up, man, so I'm tossin her up

She look good and got a big old butt

(Is she a slut?) Yeah man, but I ain't callin her one

Not until (What's up? ) Until I get me some

(Dumb) girl, let me get in stride with you

Take a ride with you and get inside of you

(Who?) Me and my crew, like we always sdo

Don't try to say you ain't down because you know it ain't true

(I'm down) Turn off the lights and I'ma get under way

Straight strip and dip and no foreplay

Okay, so don't say that I'm gettin sprung

You didn't get no tongue, just a nut in your lung

From the young one, yeah, you know that's right

We ain't done yet, so turn off the lights

You see tonight, you're in for a treat

(You ain't gettin no sleep)

You're gettin busy with N2Deep

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