N2DEEP - Do Tha Crew lyrics

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[VERSE 1: Jay Tee]

They'll pay your for that donkey

If you know how to rap and get funky

But if yo shit don't sound good

I guess yo dick gotta stay on wood

But me (What's up?) I get mine (Ah-ha)

Check into the telly 'bout half past nine

And when I check out it's ten to two

My knees is week cause I got blew

So let me put you on my list

Of the dookie broads that I can't kiss

And next time that you see me

Bitch, don't even talk to me

Cause the only damn thing that you can do

Is hit the dirt and do my crew


Do the crew, do the crew

Do the crew, you gotta do the crew

Come on, do the crew, you gotta do the crew

You wanna get with me, you gotta do them too

Do them too

You gotta do them too

Do them too

That's right, hoe

[VERSE 2: Jay Tee]

Now let me put it like this

Baby, I ain't tryin to diss

But now I know who you are, so I don't think we can kiss

You look good, and maybe I might be wrong

But now I know where you been and the list is long

You been in motel, hotel, holiday inns

You been with most of my cousins and all my friends

And in a Benz way out in the Crest

Doin the wop, the crew thing and the strictly sess

Hard knob, baby, you're gettin raw, baby

And for a couple of bucks you give jaw, baby

So here's a ten spot, now hit your knees

Do me first and then do Tee

We'll bust that nut and we'll shake it off

Pull up our draws and we're takin off

Hit the gas and we're gone

But you ain't through

You gotta do my crew


[VERSE 3: Jay Tee]

Now even though you got switch, bitch, you ain't all that

I wouldn't give you the goods unless I had on a hat

Cause yo kitty cat has done some time

You been with every muthafucka who knows how to rhyme

So if you wanna get with Jay Tee

Bitch, you gon' have to pay me

So kick me down just a few

And go and give my partners some dollars too

Cause yo, this ain't no solo creep

It's a package deal, N2Deep

20 steep brothers that are true and love to screw

But not tonight, hoe, we wanna get blew

So do us up, and I mean well

Don't even trip, hoe, we won't tell

That Michelle from Vallejo is cool

We gonna keep it to ourselves that you do the crew


Ah yeah

Check it out though

Now that I got everybody and they mama hooked up

I'm gon' let y'all handle it

cause I'm tired of these toss-ups

So K-Rock, you the player coach tonight

so you go 'head and write the line-up

I know you got ( ? ) and just go 'head

Give me a call tomorrow and let me know how it went do

Aight then

Do them too

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