N-Pire Da Great

N-Pire Da Great - The One

rate me

Light one, or better yet light two

Yeah, preferably some more G

Light keep coming, checking out the tunnel but I can’t keep running

Jump through the past where this mission is last

And I’ll do niggas that we’ve seen have done it

We’ve seen them running, track your field

Niggas get clapped with matching grills

Running through the back, getting pass the steal

Clap and kill, backwards, bitches that add for real

Backwards, niggas that will ask for meals

Ask for hoes, ask for dro, the road is the halfway pack shows

Ask for dough, they’ve read the vows

Now we gone, Perrier sipping on Avignon

Came with a clip in my carry all … niggas wanna kill me, scared to pull the pistol

30 shots, LA, dirty cops, they spray, no man, just on the block

Road come on, they flagging here

I lose clips and the lot is here, up North it’s a home, different atmosphere

Bag is slow at the stratosphere, try to gather my thoughts, my head is clear

Am I out of here by 16? Twitter gotta watch with a A 16

At your seat at the window, watch these hoes, these bitches nymphos

Twisted and fold, bring you down, that’s why I don’t fuck when I come around

Out of town, make it cost, caught in some …chase the dogs

And in the endless sky we are the one

We are alive

In my dreams, more than that

Lost get found, Devil in the hood but they only grind

Born in the system, stack that top

Only cost victims who got their show, dank as shit

Treat us like slaves, just chains and whips

Whole other day with the same old shit

Same old stitch, what’s that smell? L for your loco, Taco Bell

Micky Ds, ride the kings, know your pole length, start …

Stretch the cold leg, bad outside, no rock band but we rock and ride

Rocking nights, sleep through days, serves no one, get more off days

Some explore their whole new pay, some … more on Js

More o Ks, many carats, ready caught mass, not your parents

No days off, we ain’t fairest, got no …

Making dollars independent to them, school of scholars with an active grin

Hardly get a … it’s on that way, the time that way, the more you pay

More taxes, more reproaches, more access

Looking at it all, man, we cash it, scratch your tickets, damn your habits

Cash your fancies, get through the mount, try to spent ten just to get ‘em a blunt

Tryina spent ten just to get to the front

We sold our show like we living it up but

And in the endless sky we are the one

We are alive

In my dreams, more than that

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