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(feat. Planet Asia)



[Planet Asia]

West Coast.....

That's what we bout to talk about


We talkin bout the West Coast

[Planet Asia]

They don't really understand what's crackin right now

It's a new brig, goin into this new millenium

You know what i'm sayin?how we do it

[Verse 1: Mystic]

Let's talk about Californ-i-a

If you ever came to visit wonder why you didn't stay

We got them, 'Wide Open Spaces" like them Dixie Chicks

Enough soldier's in the hood to really start some (shit)

It's where the sun always sets and the beauty never seases

Their's a war goin on, but it's more wit the police

It's were the pace is slow, it's somethin like in the south

When out of towner's try to rush they just runnin they're mouths

I love the hot days and the old school cars

White tee's and baggy jeans and barbeque's in the park

If you ain't rest here, then you would never understand

(You's a dedicated Queen)best believe that I am

I put up billboards butt-naked from the waist up

Which yo hands over each breast throwin the west up

And underneath, the capture would say, "don't you wish you were here?"

West Coast yay, yay

[Chorus: Mystic]

Cause everywhere I go

And everything I see

Makes me believe

Their's nothing like the West Coast

(Were you from?)

West Coast

And everything I do, the way I move

Is just because

I'm from the West Coast, West Coast

[Verse 2: Planet Asia]

Out west we rock stains and cuts

Coup's, and Regal's, 64's and Cadillac trucks

And we still sportin Guess?that's how we do it out West

Red or blue rags mutual brother's be still goin federal

You better know we pop collar's and chop game

Were mary jane's is the color of the incredible hulk

Summertime we top drop fresh out the chops shops

Out of control staright ballin baggy shorts no socks

Owin the block cell phones roamin the lot

We can ball in the in yacht, i'm talkin bout home of the rocks

Rockin a sporty spliff, we bumpin 40&The Click

Too $hort, Dr.Dre or some George Clinton

Don't get it twisted cause you can even ask Mystic

(the bay got the best weed)and L.A. got the bitches

Tricks, mac's, hustla's, snitches, hoodrat killaz, drug dealer's&thug nigga's

Were we at?


Cause everywhere we go

And everything we see

Makes us believe

Their's nothing like the West Coast, West Coast

And everything we do, the way we move

Is just because were from the West Coast, West Coast

[Verse 3: Planet Asia & Mystic]

[Planet Asia]

It ain't nuttin like the CA

Sunshine, women, water, and sand trees and the West Coast relay's

Straight from the North were paper chasin is art

Where they blast for cash and walk live

As a true and livin gangsta's


Gangsta's O.G.'s the game is so fluid

Got us swaggin the steps like, "only we can do it"

True it, ain't no other golden state

We can't relate we heavyweights who demonstrate

[Planet Asia]

Let's be a soldier in the land of homocides and murder

Liqour store robberies and fast learners

And corrupt cops on the mission to bust off shots

Blue or flame dub you might just catch a hot one at the bus stop


Yo Asia baby, we set the record staright

From thugs to fallen angel's, we elevate

And I know one day my soul will go to rest

Just put my ashes in the dirt in the west

[Chorus x2]

[Planet Asia Overlapping Mystic]

West Coast, Oakland, Fresno, Los Angeles

San Diego, you know what i'm sayin?

Seattle, Vancouver, West Coast

You know what i'm sayin?

Light green, old schools, pop ya collar

We don't sport curls no mo'


We don't sport curls no mo'


Yo spontaneous, spear more music, West Coast, West Coast



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