Muscles - My Friend Richard

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Whether you're a tech geek, chin stroke, prince shirt,

Playing in the backseat, black sheep, player.

Forever in the prog-bleep, break beat, acid freak,

Running on the concrete, barefeet, raver.

My friend richard, is teaching me acid,

Cause i was too young too remember the music,

For them it took hours, for us it takes seconds,

If we want to bring it back we've got to make it different.

Perfect ending to my night.

These parties take lots of days to plan,

Because you show off at mignight with your friend,

It doesn't mena that you are going to get in,

Regular, VIP, they all know the drill.

These people don't care about your health.

These people make you wait out in the cold,

If muscles has a party everybody is invited,

if you tell me that you're coming and you leave your home early.<br />

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Thanks to Parker_1991

Thanks to phoebe for these lyrics

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