MOTLEY CRUE - 1st Band On The Moon

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There's a problem with the girls here on earth<br>They stopped acting dizzy wearing miniskirts<br>Seems like everything wild is in distaste<br>Gotta get my band off in outer, outerspace<br><br>I want a place that wants arena rock<br>Along with the girls who wanna suck my...<br>Take out music up and fry some brains<br>Teach a dimension how to go, go insane<br><br>It can't come too soon<br>Someone always has to break the rules<br>Like a rock n roll cartoon<br>1st band on the moon<br>Now it won't be too long<br>Until we get to sing our songs<br>Even if we're outta tune<br>1st band on the moon<br><br>Everybody watchin on their tv sets<br>Came out of the shuttle dancin penthouse pets<br>And someone grabs a mic and really lets it spit<br>But the band is so loud<br>We blow the transmit<br><br>(chorus)<br><br>That's one small step for man<br>One giant leap backwards for mankind

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