Mordred - Spellbound

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There's a method to madness

It measures in by the light (?? - MG)

There's an evil among us

And it's blinding our sight

Propaganda, deception

Their subliminal lies

Infiltrate the airwaves

The light in your eyes


Spellbound by the light

You don't have the right

To ever ask why

They're ruling your mind

Mass mental disorder

A generation ago

They're lost in confusion

(?? - MG)

Let you question the people

Who are plotting these schemes

When they silence your questions

When they shatter your dreams

{Repeat Chorus}

Heed they - (?? - MG)

D-Day - (?? - MG) never mentioned

Victims - programmed with precision

Punished - by the television


{Repeat Chorus Twice}

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