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Song by Barry White and Faith Evans<br /><br>

[Barry White]<br>

Faith, I've got Faith (say what?)<br>

(Can't stop, can't stop, no, uh uh can't stop)<br>



My first, my last, my everything, yeah<br>


I've had love in my life<br>

But I've never had a lover<br>

Who can keep me satisfied always<br>

Feels as good as when it started<br>

Ever since the day I felt ya<br>

Never knew no love departed, baby<br>



1 - You're the first, my last, my everything<br>

And you are the answer to my dreams<br>



2 - There ain't no doubt about it<br>

No way to get around it<br>

Now I know I need you <br>

Are my everything<br>


I can leave, I can try<br>

But I'll never find another<br>

Who can please me quite the way<br>

That you do (That's right, um hmm)<br>

I don't mean to brag about it (no, no)<br>

But you can't get around it<br>

And I'm gonna be here for you always, yeah<br>



Baby, I've looked far and wide<br>

But I've never found<br>

Anyone quite like you (say what?)<br>

Baby, please, you know I just hate<br>

To wait<br>


Repeat 1<br>


Repeat 2<br>



Don't keep me waiting<br>

For I have discovered<br>

My wants and my passion for you (say what?)<br>



You'll never have to wait again<br>

Cuz baby I feel about the same for you <br>

(I feel the same way too)<br>

(Say what, say what?)<br>


Repeat 2 & 1 until fade<br>


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