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Money Talks movie - Feel So Good

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Song by Mase<br /><br>

You ready Mase?<br>


Party people<br>

In the place to be (Uh huh)<br>

It's about that time<br>

For us to (Yeah, uh huh)<br>


Yo, what you know about goin' out<br>

Head west, red Lex, TV's all up in the headrest<br>

Try and live it up<br>

Ride true, a bigger truck<br>

Peeps all glittered up<br>

Stick up can, they go what?<br>

Jig wit it cuz ship crisp, split it all<br>

Ho's ride, get your nut 'till I can't get it up<br>

I'm a big man, give this man room<br>

I'd a hit everything, from Cancun to Grant's tomb<br>

Why you standin' on the wall?<br>

Hand on your balls<br>

Lighting up drugs always fightin' in the club<br>

I'm the reason they made the dress code<br>

They figure I wouldn't wild when I'm in my french clothes<br>

Dress as I suppose, from my neck to my toes<br>

Neck full of gold, baguettes in my Rolls<br>

Wreck shows, collect those, extra O's<br>

Buy the E, get a key, to the Lex to hold<br>

East, West, every state, come on, bury the hate<br>

Millions, the only thing we in a hurry to make<br>

Are the friend that act's friend in a Lex or a Benz<br>

Let's begin, bring this BS to an end<br>

Come on<br>


[1] - Bad, bad, bad, bad boy<br>

You make me feel so good<br>

You know you make me feel so good<br>

You know you make me feel so good<br>


Bad, bad, bad, bad boy<br>

I wouldn't change you if I could<br>

I wouldn't change you if I could<br>

I wouldn't change you if I could<br>


Ah ah<br>

You can't understand we be Waikiki<br>

Sippin' DP to the TV, look greedy<br>

Little kids see me, way out in DC<br>

With a Z3, chrome VB's, they wanna be me<br>

Nigga's talkin' shit they ought to quit<br>

I'm fortunate they don't see a fourth what I get<br>

And those be the same ones walkin' while I whip<br>

Just stylishing cars cuz they all true Nig'<br>

So while you daydream my Mercedes gleam<br>

And I deal with ho's that pose in Maybeline<br>

One time you had it all I ain't mad at ya'll<br>

Now give me the catalog, I'll show you how daddy bought<br>

Six cars and power to fire big stars<br>

Sit up, CEO style, smokin' on cigars, nigga<br>

It's like ya'll be talkin' funny<br>

I don't understand language of people with short money<br>

Come on<br>


[Repeat 1]<br>


Ah ah<br>

Do Mase got the ladies? <br>

Do Puff drive Mercedes? <br>

Take hits from the 80's?<br>

But do it sound so crazy? <br>


Well me personally, It's nothin' personal<br>

I do what work for me, you do what work for you<br>

And I dress with what I was blessed with<br>

Never been arrested for nothin' domestic<br>

And I chill the way you met me<br>

With a jet ski attached to a SE<br>

Smoke my Nestle, no mad rap-ass cat<br>

Where my check be?<br>

Problem with ya'll I say it directly<br>

Went from hard to sweet, starved to eat<br>

From no hoes at shows to menage in suites<br>

Now I be the cat that be hard to meet<br>

Gettin' head from girls <br>

That used to hardly speak<br>

Come on<br>


[Repeat 1 until fade]<br>



Harlem World<br>

Bad Boy<br>

Goodfellaz baby<br>


And we won't stop<br>

Cuz we can't stop<br>

Mason Betha<br>


Owwwww, come on<br>


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