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Moka Only - You Won't Get Much Higher

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You won't get much higher than I have been

Once impossible(?), love was on without a spin

Yea, you got a friend, that's me, I'm blessin' it

Magic cause my business and the way I get my digits and

Release on the globe, cause I'm funky like slime

Like crime, and my mic bring alarm like Simon

Like moonlight and like rhymin'

Sexual prime ask perfectible finding

Finally it's mocca, old time we

Been wait, and been been waiting

Like a dumb waiter, one waiter

When is we win less ness

Coreen Supreme, my name means bliss

I watch how ya filmin' it, embedding it on the disk

Flicks leads to yo boom get pissed

Smash on yo pussy, put the ass ova this


You Won't Get Much Higher

You Won't Get Much Higher


All love, you gotta rug it in my pocket

Till you got me thinkin' bout it

You got me buggin' out

Till you got me buggin' out, yea

Words don't spell it out all the way

So much I gotta say but I'mma ?

Tryna hit you people with the quality

Go mellow like you smunked up all the day

Low, like you celebratin' Mo-Lo

You made me the bo', you may need the song

Yea, I got 'em, so just pick all the ones you wanted

Fuck it, may as well collect 'em all

Yea, we get so deluxe cause we torch the booms

Do our own setfort and disaster tunes

Like my orbit, I'm all around the fuckin' moon

Hope I'm payed quick, hope I'm fuckin' soon

Yea, this the bucket tune, but the value is priceless

Cause the torch light shit makin' night nicest

Girl, while I shoot appalled, necklace on yo night dress

And you like this


You Won't Get Much Higher

You Won't Get Much Higher

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