Moka Only

Moka Only - Mysterious

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Uh, yeah got speed and ...

Non-stop ... touchy feeling

Time to make the beat that will take me to Tahiti

Lounging in the .. flavor, titties and hits

All Caribbeans trying to be .. stacking the tips

On the spring night, motherfucking known eclipse

It’s no time to wait when you’re tasting the bliss

It’s the headphone commando when I’m skating down ...

Marching with the ... call me black Stanley

.. like the mission, it’s the brand new family

Money for the sounds and whatever come in handy

I’m the man because I got the buzz

And the drowned be making the fuss to get with us!

You wanna go mellow at the back of the bus.

I’m space shooting like John Glenn

It’s John again, my mom bends.

I’m full circle with the sonic blends,

Play out your monitor, 94, like Geronimo

Timbaland stop you out like the cop and the kick.

I’m on some shit,

Moonlighting when the sample flip

Grab the dabs, spin in pad when the candles lit

The act of a legend, weaving through three lengths in traffic

.. key chain, nostalgic.

Your own wildest shit, still, never over the hill.

Cooking up some joints and toss them on to the grill,

Torch light is the veil, and we’re bringing off...

We could bump in your ride, give you something divine

Too relaxed when it comes down to dropping them slaps

Cause we’ve been doing that,

You could take a look back,

But for now when we’re about to go out,

Grab me a snack!

That’s a matter of fact!

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