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Moka Only - I'll Be Cool

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I'll be cool, oh woo

Y'alls a fool, oh woo

I'll be cool, oh woo

Y'alls a fool, oh woo

[Moka Only]

Why am I the one with aches and pains still taking trains

Making pays, taking great leaps of faith

I'm the world's greatest durable mammal ain't nothing safe

With the "Lime Green" phantom but when face-to-face

with the best of y'all thrown in my path

It's hard to be the nice guy, I'd rather show you my wrath

Everything's so patterned and wrinkled it's disgusting

Plus most music today sucks trust me

I'll be cool, oh woo

[Moka Only]

But that's another issue let me rip you off of this (?)

Cash ain't sticking, ex-girl tripping

The next girl drive me up a wall she a chicken

Sticking to kicking them out of my life

It's like a sticky predicament I'm proud of my vice

But yo, the only thing I trust is my crew the

Battleaxe Warriors bitch I thought you knew

I'll be cool, oh woo

Y'alls a fool, oh woo

I'll be cool, oh woo

Y'alls a fool, oh woo

[Moka Only]

Ain't nothing amusing about confusion

Like who's doing what to make my shit poppers useless (useless)

Certain people slept and missed the train

When they should have just puckered up and just kissed my brain

I'm a full-grown genius with music

The west coast most prolific was high producing

Ain't nobody do shit for themselves

We did so we sell while y'all sit on the shelves

Ain't nothing bohemian no knowledge of elves

Ain't cutting graffiti Kangols and Gazelles

I used to do all that stuff, it was cool but time change

I do it different and you still say I'm strange

I'll be cool, oh woo

Y'alls a fool, oh woo

[Moka Only]

It's your loss

You don't seem to realize the cost

Living life as if your eyes are crossed

And I ain't really surprised at all

You could never keep your fingers crossed

Some things just meant to be and eventually

And if you can't deal with that…I can't help you

I spent tedious hours while the world sour

The things I do just to get away from you

Trying to pull that now or never, it's never going down

But your crazy ass almost put me back to level ground

(Y'alls a fool, oh woo)

You can't trick me, telling me you did lickity-split

I'm out clickity-click it's that simple

Don't try to invade the planet temple

I'm outta there without a care or my underwear

[Chorus: repeat to end]

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