Mobb Deep

Mobb Deep started at the age of 17 as educated juveniles expressing lives
deteriorated by the ghetto. The lives they lead involves pain and anger beyond the daily routine of normal teenagers. When they are forced to live in housing projects and look up to the street hustlers, who are making money and getting the attention. They rebel by rapping , cause they have talent and they know they wont be locked up.They release Juvenile Hell in 1993 and they recieve instanst attention from producers, DJ's and, record labels who see they talent and want a piece. The Large Professor remix and the DJ Premier tracks are evidence of these occurences. After being signed to Loud Records in 1994 they recoreded and prepared for the release of their sophomore album The Infamous Lp. This was recieved with great praise from critics and buyers alike.

It spread from the ghetto to the 'burbs with a cult following baised on singles like " Shook Ones pt.II","Survival of the Fittest", and "Temperature's Rising." Which boosted their statis talent wise and reinforced street credibal rhymes. With the 96' release of Hell On Earth, the evidence of older, wiser, more laid back references, produced