MirImage - Where Are You Now?

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There ain’t no minute hour or day that goes by

And you don’t cross my mind

It's almost like breathing

It nothings natural anymore

After you left my world

Just up & went away

Straight M.I.A.

A.W.O.L. I’m trying to track you down

But will I find you


Will I find you on a map

Spot your location on GPS

Shoot me a sign

Do I follow the stars

How do I reach your love address?

Girl where are you now

You’re gone without a trace

Lost in space and time

Where do I find you

Girl where are you now

We’re so far apart

And I Feel you going even further

I feel like a little boy

Who’s lost his favorite toy

Like it vanished into thin air

I’m trying hard to be a man

fighting back the tears as hard as I can

Searching through the crowd

Hoping I can catch you from afar

But you are not on the radar


Where are you now

Now when I need you the most

More than ever before

My heart is torn up

Into a million, billion pieces

When and where did I lose you

I’m trying hard to reach you

Can you hear me

Cause Darling I need you

You're the one thing

I prayed I’d never lose


Thanks to Smoove for correcting these lyrics

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