Millennium - 5 A.M. lyrics

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Five o'clock in the morning<br />

Life doesn't seem to be the same<br />

It's beautiful - beautiful<br />

So remember - remember<br />

The dew drops are dampening<br />

The sidewalks that we stroll along,<br />

The streets are bare,<br />

There's nobody there<br />

In the misty dawn that surrounds the town<br />

The world is speechless in the morning<br />

And I can watch the sun wake up the day.<br />

Five o'clock in the morning<br />

Funny how much it means to me<br />

It's all so still, it gives me chills<br />

Just standing there, in the pure morning air.<br />

Five o'clock in the morning<br />

Five o'clock in the morning

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