Mikey Bustos

Mikey Bustos - Damn These Powers

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Damn these powers i don't know what it is

i got something gets them ..

hypnotise them though i already did

using my power i'ma get an hour

baby sent to the vibe that I've got

turn it up baby they get crazy

i'm a superhero flying to the top

DJ spin it up hope to ..

want to run to town was an average drove

look at me you never ever know

why little secret go i could no longer keep it

.. freakin on the line

show to the world what i have inside

i say hi hi hi but the girls went ay ay ay ay


back in the club i'm superstar

why super cause i stole my ..

baby get crazy I'm make you dance for me baby

i love being a super hero

this super .. know it kept song

I'ma let it go

you can let it go


2 x

get get down, touch the ground

ride it baby take you home

flip the music shake your boom

own it, own it own it,

'cause i'm own it own it own it

own it, own it own it,

i jump i'm own it own it own it

[2 x CHorus:]

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