MIKE JONES & MAGNO - Rookie Of Da Year lyrics

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Uh! Its that boy Magnificent

AKA Maaagno

The Rookie Of Da Year

Be on the lookout for that solo album coming soon


It's Magnificent, but you can call me Magno

I used to do crime now I'm 'bout my cashflow

Thats the past though, and I don't mean to brag bro

But Magno 'bout to knock off that Jag yo

See everything big in Texas

I used to own a GS, but now I'm thinkin bigger than Lexus

I will call it, crash boards like Ben Wallace

Flow for enough dough for ten wallets

But the way my CD goes, it's rough

But that's no excuse to be broke and cheap like Videos Uncut

All I do is expand my grammar

So I can put my family in that Full House like Danny Tanner

I got love for that Acres Homes

I'm gettin Paul Wall treatment, girls wanna take me home

Might catch Mag sippin a barre

When I'm in the club I put my hoood up like I'm fixin' my car

It's Magno

[Hook x2: Mike Jones]

Y'all wanna be like Mag but you cant

All hoes faint when they see the Jag paint

Let's make it crystal clear, Mag's the rookie of da year

By this time next year the whole world will be in fear


In this game, can't nobody hold me

Plus I'm 2-piecin niggaz like Charlie Ward did Kobe

I still remember saving them cans

Now I roll down the street, trunk popped up, waving at fans

So why flip a pound of 'caine?

When I can get rich simply making words sound the same

Pound of game, now that Mag found the fame

I'm 'bout to stack bills I really hate the sound of change

My flows be the grittiest, I'm GQ, hoes be the prettiest

Dime piece, hoes never hideous

I walk in casinos slowly

I'm bout to shoot a tennis shoe commercial with Cuttino Mobley

Everytime I walk the world spin

I'm trying to have a 5-way menage with the cast of Girlfriends

My Swishahouse fam stackin cream

Shot callers, got more ballers than Slam magazine

[Hook x2]


MC's in this game, I'm evicting them early

Magnificent the landlord like Mr. Furley

I never play games, get brain in a beige Range

And all they gotta know is my stage name

It's like everybody's switchin' to rappin'

And girls don't gold dig no more cuz now, they diggin for platinum

I'm the black Hugh Hefner, got my own penthouse

I had to, I got more chicks than a henhouse

Swishahouse 'bout to stack the numbers

We doing it the legal way instead of showin crack like plumbers

Add the runners , now that we relaxed for summers

Get a home, put chrome on the 'Lacs and Hummers

I'm 'bout to show your gal what stunt means

Like leavin balls in her mouth, and I don't mean the ones on her tongue ring

Refill, they coppin' them slugs

And girls gots tat's on they back that say Property Of


[Hook x4]

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