Migos - QC Addiction lyrics

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Feat. Skippa Da Flippa & MP Duke


You see the light?

Yeah, we in the pit(cra, cra)

That's why young niggas

Still kicking dough

And some of my niggas convicted

Money,(money, money)

Power, respect

Guess I'm addicted,

Money, power and munition,

Guess I'm addicted

A date that took the moneyman

Cause I don't know plus fo' hundred babes

Making a flip like it's gymnastics

hot wheelin', hands stacking

Callin' my spatula acrobat

Turnin' a brick to a platinum plat

You pussy, I double that fish scale

My pockets are deeper than waterware

Pluck on the border, I got shizz on the water

Definite prison, blew the whale

All nigga checking somethin'

While hustle my Emi, I ain't kickin' shit

With it, you hot on the webcam, I'm Peter Parker

Twelve crest smoking Linkin Park babe


Money on the table

You seeing the label?

Not tellin' no fables

In time here like a nigga

In school doing time tables

Shopping got flavors

Bend on no cable

Traveling country to country

Skipping, unstable

I'm whipping miss Mable

Whip, whip, eat, look out,

The spider, skeet well, velvet Sneider

Hit my brother Duke

That's my L.A. ridda(pah, cra)

Boy, you impostor

Check your pocket!

We don't rock with coppers

Street west side talkin'


Can see the label?

Money we making

Without a major

If I ain't no cut

I ain't selling my soul

Cause everything glitter

Ain't gold

Double D tell me don't fall

The water so cold,

Your butler gon'get you your phone

Jump in the black, you do not belong

Dozen my gibble, they talkin' gibble

Drop the cocaine-o, no trap the trail

Adversaries call me the Advocator

Come in the truck like the Terminator

They tumple the mac in the elevator

Money passing ammunition

Me flip a Rover in a kitchen

Another thing made us ridiculous

Can't you see we in the business?


Solid foundation(solid foundation?)

Could see the label

Under rotation, keep guarding your pray

That's a milli hot

In that space Coupe that you lookin' at

Got shit on in Aspen, stopping traffic

I'm a space cadet

Time for nothing, took a lot of shit

jab bout my reserve


We got penny, F in this, we can't retain it

Baby chopper, baby chopper

Feel it longer than a towel

I ain't never been a lame nigga

Bitch never called me Roger


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