Mighty Nimbus

Mighty Nimbus - Broken Hoof

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I am the dreadnaught

Come to me...

I take this world away

Bring the frozen sea

And the sand of fate...

House of bone replete

Such a wretched place

Dead alive in grief

And asleep awake...

Smoke and mirror eyes

Blind to the Divine

Last thing that you see...

There's a broken hoof

Far beyond repair

It belongs to you

Crown of wasted heir

Topple temples down...

Vow to kill... I swear

Here's the end of you

I don't fuckin' care

I'm a deceiver...

I know what waits inside

I'm a believer...

That all your truth has died

I am the stealer...

And now what's yours is mine

Sharpen the cleaver...

Your blood will flow like wine

How the cowards bleed

And they fear my hell

Just a wasted breed

Now you know me well

Here... I bring you sleep

On the burning hill

Broken hoof you weep

Now it's time to kill

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