No Plans To Reform For Midnight Oil

No Plans To Reform For Midnight OilAfter the resignations of Peter Garrett from the Federal Parliament, the Midnight Oil have no plans to reform their band.

The band manager Gary Morris declared to the press that the legacy of Midnight Oil is undeniable. He also expressed his contentment of being able to contribute the band’s list of achievements. Morris also stated, 'However in light of recent speculation as to whether the band will reconvene now that Peter is quitting the political arena, now is the time to make my own position clear as to my future involvement with Midnight Oil.'

The founding member of the band Rog Hirst declared to the Noise 11 that the band someday will perform again together. The latest performance of the band was for the Doc Neeson benefit in Sydney.

In the end Peter Garrett declared to the press that:

'We truly did accomplish amazing and enduring things working together and we should treasure that, now and in the future.’