MICHAEL JACKSON - When I Come Of Age lyrics

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Where have I been? <br>What should I be looking for? <br>What am I gonna be when I come of age? <br>Will I be strong? <br>Will I de a mighty man<br>Climb mountains if I can<br>When I come of age? <br><br>Hey y'all I think I'll be a movie star<br>Or travel to some distant star<br>Yeah that's it I'm gonna be an astronaut<br>And rock it to the moon<br>And then I'll be the captain of a giant ship<br>I'm gonna take a long, long trip to far off land<br>When I become a man<br><br>And what about love? <br>Will you still be in love with me? <br>I sure hope you will be<br>When I come of age<br>And will you be true? <br>Will you still want to marry me? <br>I guess I'll have to wait and see<br>When I come of age<br><br>My folks say I'm too young for love<br>But they don't seem to understand<br>That what I feel is love for somebody<br>A feeling I understand<br>And while I've fot this feeling<br>It's you, girl, you're so grand<br>And I'll love you girl just as strong<br>When I come of age<br><br>Wait, be patient honey<br>You've got to believe in me<br>Wait, wait for me baby<br>It'll be just you and me<br>We'll do all the things<br>We couldn't do before<br>When when I come of age<br>We're gonna be so happy<br>When, when I come of age

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