MICHAEL JACKSON - We're Almost There lyrics

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No matter how hard<br>The task may seem<br>Don't give up our plans<br>Don't give up our dreams<br><br>No broken bridges<br>Can turn us around<br>Cause what we're searchin' for<br>Will soon be found<br><br>Refrain<br>Cause we're almost there<br>Just one more step<br>(cause we're almost there)<br>Just one more step<br>(just one more step)<br>Don't give up<br>'cause we're almost all almost there<br>('cause we're almost there)<br><br>(look at the lovers)<br>Look at the lonely lovers<br>That didn't make it<br>Life's long hard climb<br>(life's long hard climb)<br>They just couldn't take it<br>(they just couldn't take it)<br><br>Don't let it happen to me and you<br>Hold on together, darlin'<br>We'll make it through<br><br>Darlin', keep on reachin' out for me<br>Keep on reachin, do it for me<br>Do it for me, cause baby<br><br>Refrain<br>('cause we're almost there)<br>(we're almost there)<br>('cause we're almost there)<br><br>We're so close<br>I can taste it<br>A life so sweet<br>Can't afford to waste it<br>(can't afford to waste it)<br><br>Need to feel your hand<br>Slippin' from mine? <br>Just hold on tighter now, darlin'<br>Keep on tryin'<br><br>Refrain<br>Baby, do it for me, do it do it baby<br>(cause we're almost there)<br>Just one more step<br>(we're almost there)<br>Don't give up<br>(cause we're almost there)<br>Just one more step<br><br>Baby baby, don't give up<br>('cause we're almost there)<br>Keep on, keep on<br>(we're almost there)<br>Just one more step<br>('cause we're almost there)<br>Cause we're almost there<br><br>(instrumental)<br><br>Juste one more step<br>Cause we're almost there<br>We've come to far<br>To turn around<br><br>Ooh!!<br><br>Keep on reachin'<br>For higher ground<br>We've had our ups and we've had our downs<br>Let nothin' in the world darlin'<br>Turn us around<br><br>Cause we're almost there<br>We're almost there<br>We're almost there<br><br>Everything we're lookin' for<br>We're almost there<br>Keep on reachin' out for me<br><br>Cause we're almost there darlin'<br>We're almost there<br>We're almost there darlin'<br>We're almost there<br>We're almost there<br><br>Ah we're almost there

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