MICHAEL JACKSON - We ballin you lyrics

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Nothing you can say

Nothing you can do

We’ll be ballin you

We’ll be ballin you

No one can it …

And see what you’re goin’ through

We’ll be ballin you

We’ll be ballin you

Step back when I slap on the mike like that

Came from the ghetto and now it’s a better man

I got an .. trick using my white head

I came up the disco when I go near

My game it kills Am I for real

I’m the Michael Jack the rap I close the deal

Getting’ grey in a … I’m gonna steal your wheel

Gonna … me a MILF … for my boys to kill

I love this stuff …

It ain’t easy pippin’ it pippin’ it and pay the bill

I’m ballin you and I’m … a century

I’m ballin too ….

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