MICHAEL JACKSON - Touch The One You Love lyrics

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If I had a penny for everytime<br>I didn't hold your hand<br>If I had a nickel for everytime<br>I didn't understand<br><br>I'd be the world poorest millionaire<br>'cause you're not there<br>And no one ever told me<br>What you're willing do<br><br>If I had only reach out<br>I might still be touching you<br>You got to touch the one you love<br>If you want the one you love to touch you<br>(you've got, you've gotta to touch<br>You gotta touch the one who loves you)<br><br>Would get embarrased for every time<br>I've moved and make you cry<br>You get sentimental, and<br>I would never know the reason why<br><br>I hold the world sings<br>Making for my selfish pride<br>Is it really over<br>When I get close to you<br><br>I only want to show you<br>That I'm learning a thing or two<br>If you want the one you love<br>If you want the one you love to touch<br>You got to....<br><br>(fade out)

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