MICHAEL JACKSON - To Make My Father Proud lyrics

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To make my father proud<br>To make my mother smile<br>I need no conquered worlds, a flame<br>Not set, the paceful style<br><br>If I can follow through<br>Oh, love think wavely me as my tears<br>I'll find the way to sell my clothes<br>Avoiding ships a fuss<br><br>If I don't come up, number one<br>I'll stand not well apart<br>As one for numbered numbers<br>When knowing in my heart<br><br>I dare not to be done<br>To always do my best<br>By listening to me, myself<br>So he can do or else<br>(of without compromise,<br>Shall follow the feel of constant care)<br><br>In my eleven hour<br>I'll be a man the way<br>To face whatever force my way<br>Prepared that are a shame<br>To just recall the part of guide<br><br>For which I have been named<br>A man and a woman's youngest son<br>Who are growing still a child<br>And that will make my father proud<br>And make my mother smile...<br>(proud)

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