MICHAEL JACKSON - Time (Poem) lyrics

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If I'd have all the time in the world

I'd give you part of it, that's what you deserve

I didn't meant to hurt you, that's was the truth

Look in to my eyes, why would I lie to you

That's it, what many doesn't have, and some need

Is what, people been fighting, around the history

What am I speaking about, you should been

More what you're and paid attention to listening

About culture, about everything

Don't you have a heart, don't you use your ears?

Have you slept while being teached?

Haven't you noticed that this as well

Every minute, every second, it's an journey with risks

But we need to win our fears and face them

Otherwise, we're living in shadows, hiding from the sun

Don't know where we are and who to trust

The time will show us, teach us and be in our side

Forever, 'til the last days of our lives.

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