MICHAEL JACKSON - Little Christmas Tree lyrics

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I watch the snowflake fall

agenst my window plain

and wonder if you

are watchin snowflakes too

I take a walk downtown

to where you used to meet me

Theres joy everywhere

but all that waiting there is


Just a little christmas tree

Lookin sorta sad and lonley just like me

No one seems to care

They just went away and left it standing there

All alone on christmas eve

I hear the Christmas bells

(Bum Bum Bum)

The happy people singing

The songs of the chill that only brings me tears

I sadly close my eyes

and say a liitle prayer

you'll be waiting there for me

I look but all I see is


This is the season of love

(This is the season of love)

But I'm as sad as I can be

(sad as can be)

Why did you have to leave me

(Why did you leave me)

(Why did you leave me)


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