MICHAEL JACKSON - I Just Can't Stop Loving You lyrics

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Written and composed by michael jackson.<br><br><br>I just want to lay next to you for awhile<br>You look so beautiful tonight<br>Your eyes are so lovely<br>Your mouth is so sweet<br>A lot of people misunderstand me<br>That's because they don't<br>Know me at all<br>I just want to touch you<br>And hold you<br>I need you<br>God I need you<br>I love you so much<br><br>[michael]<br>Each time the wind blows<br>I hear your voice so<br>I call your name . . .<br>Whispers at morning<br>Our love is dawning<br>Heaven's glad you came . . .<br><br>You know how I feel<br>This thing can't go wrong<br>I'm so proud to say I love you<br>Your love's got me high<br>I long to get by<br>This time is forever<br>Love is the answer<br><br>[siedah]<br>I hear your voice now<br>You are my choice now<br>The love you bring<br>Heaven's in my heart<br>At your call<br>I hear harps,<br>And angels sing<br><br>You know how I feel<br>This thing can't go wrong<br>I can't live my life<br>Without you<br><br>[michael]<br>I just can't hold on<br><br>[siedah]<br>I feel we belong<br><br>[michael]<br>My life ain't worth living<br>If I can't be with you<br><br>[both]<br>I just can't stop loving you<br>I just can't stop loving you<br>And if I stop . . .<br>Then tell me just what<br>Will I do<br><br>[siedah]<br>'cause I just can't stop loving you<br><br>[michael]<br>At night when the<br>Stars shine<br>I pray in you I'll find<br>A love so true . . .<br><br>[siedah]<br>When morning awakes me<br>Will you come and take me<br>I'll wait for you<br><br>[michael]<br>You know how I feel<br>I won't stop until<br>I hear your voice saying I do<br><br>[siedah]<br>I do<br>This thing can't go wrong<br><br>[michael]<br>This feeling's so strong<br><br>[siedah]<br>Well, my life ain't<br>Worth living<br><br>[both]<br>If I can't be with you<br>I just can't stop loving you<br>I just can't stop loving you<br>And if I stop . . .<br>Then tell me, just what will I do<br><br>[michael]<br>I just can't stop loving you<br><br>[siedah]<br>We can change all the world tomorrow<br><br>[michael]<br>We can sing songs of<br>Yesterday<br><br>[siedah]<br>I can say, hey . . .farewell to sorrow<br><br>[michael]<br>This is my life and i,<br><br>[both]<br>Want to see you for always<br>I just can't stop loving you<br><br>[siedah]<br>No, baby<br><br>[michael]<br>Oh!<br><br>[both]<br>I just can't stop loving you<br><br>[siedah]<br>If I can't stop!<br><br>[both]<br>And if I stop . . .<br><br>[siedah]<br>No<br><br>[michael]<br>Oh! oh! oh . . .oh . . .<br><br>[siedah]<br>What will I do? uh . . .ooh . . .<br>(then tell me, just what will I do)<br><br>[both]<br>I just can't stop loving you<br><br>[michael]<br>Hee! hee! hee! know I do<br>Girl!<br><br>[both]<br>I just can't stop loving you<br><br>[michael]<br>You know I do<br>And if I stop . . .<br><br>[both]<br>Then tell me, just what will I do<br><br>[both]<br>I just can't stop loving you

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