MICHAEL JACKSON - I Hear A Symphony lyrics

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Your givin me true love<br>And everyday I thank the lord<br>For a feeling that's so new<br>So inviting so exciting<br><br>Whenever your near<br>I hear a symphony<br>A tender melody<br>Pulling me closer, closer to your arms<br>Then suddenly your lips are touching mine<br>A feeling so divine, still I need a path because<br>I'm lost in a world<br>Made for you and me<br>Oooh...<br><br>Baby, baby<br>I hear a symphony<br>Ooooh... baby<br><br>Whenever your near<br>I hear a symphony<br>Played sweet and tenderly<br>Everytime your lips meet mine, my baby<br><br>Baby, baby<br>I feel the joy begin<br>Don't let this feeling end<br>Let it go on and on and on now baby<br><br>Baby, baby<br>Those tears that filled my eyes<br>I cried not for myself<br>But for those who have never felt the joy of love<br><br>Baby, baby<br>Whenever your near<br>I hear a symphony<br>Each time you speak of me<br>I hear a tender note so sweet of love<br><br>Baby, baby<br>As you stand there holding me<br>Whispering how much you care<br>A thousand violins fill the air, now<br><br>Baby, baby<br>Don't let this moment end<br>Keep standing close to me<br>So close to me my baby, baby, baby<br><br>Baby, baby<br>I hear a symphony<br>A tender melody<br>I hear a symphony

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