MICHAEL JACKSON - Gone Too Soon lyrics

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Like a comet<br>Blazing 'cross the evening sky<br>Gone too soon<br><br>Like a rainbow<br>Fading in the twinkling of an eye<br>Gone too soon<br><br>Shiny and sparkly<br>And splendidly bright<br>Here one day<br>Gone one night<br><br>Like the loss of sunlight<br>On a cloudy afternoon<br>Gone too soon<br><br>Like a castle<br>Built upon a sandy beach<br>Gone too soon<br><br>Like a perfect flower<br>That is just beyond your reach<br>Gone too soon<br><br>Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight<br>Here one day<br>Gone one night<br><br>Like a sunset<br>Dying with the rising of the moon<br>Gone too soon<br><br>Gone too soon

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