MICHAEL JACKSON - Earth Song lyrics

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Written and composed by michael jackson.<br>Produced by michael jackson.<br><br><br>What about sunrise<br>What about rain<br>What about all the things<br>That you said we were to gain...<br>What about killing fields<br>Is there a time<br>What about all the things<br>That you said was yours and mine...<br>Did you ever stop to notice<br>All the blood we've shed before<br>Did you ever stop this notice<br>This crying earth this we make sure? <br><br>Aaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaah<br><br>What have we done to the world<br>Look what we've done<br>What about all the peace<br>That you pledge your only son...<br>What about flowering fields<br>Is there a time<br>What about all the dreams<br>That you said was yours and mine...<br>Did you ever stop to notice<br>All the children dead from war<br>Did you ever stop to notice<br>This crying earth this we make sure? <br><br>Aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaah<br><br>I used to dream<br>I used to glance beyond the stars<br>Now I don't know where we are<br>Although I know we've drifted far<br><br>Aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah<br>Aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah<br><br>Hey, what about yesterday<br>(what about us)<br>What about the seas<br>(what about us)<br>The heavens are falling down<br>(what about us)<br>I can't even breathe<br>(what about us)<br>What about everything<br>(what about us)<br>I have given you<br>(what about us)<br>What about nature's worth<br>(ooo,ooo)<br>It's our planet's womb<br>(what about us)<br>What about animals<br>(what about it)<br>We've turned kingdoms to dust<br>(what about us)<br>What about elephants<br>(what about us)<br>Have we lost their trust<br>(what about us)<br>What about crying whales<br>(what about us)<br>We're ravaging the seas<br>(what about us)<br>What about forest trails<br>(ooo, ooo)<br>Burnt despite our pleas<br>(what about us)<br>What about the holy land<br>(what about it)<br>Torn apart by creed<br>(what about us)<br>What about the common man<br>(what about us)<br>Can't we set him free<br>(what about us)<br>What about children dying<br>(what about us)<br>Can't you hear them cry<br>(what about us)<br>Where do we go wrong<br>(ooo, ooo)<br>Someone tell me why<br>(what about us)<br>What about baby boy<br>(what about it)<br>What about the days<br>(what about us)<br>What about all their joy<br>(what about us)<br>What about the men<br>(what about us)<br>What about the crying man<br>(what about us)<br>What about abraham<br>(what was us)<br>What about death again<br>(ooo, ooo)<br>Do we give a damn<br><br>Aaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaah

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Monday 2nd of August 2010 22:44
This song is so touchin it make me want to help in some way if there is a way to help.
Tuesday 20th of July 2010 18:01
this touched my heart so strong i love it.