MICHAEL BUBLE - Summer Wind lyrics

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The summer wind came blowin' in<br>From across the sea<br>It lingered there touched your hair<br>And walked with me<br><br>All summer long<br>We sang a song<br>And then we strolled on golden sand<br>Two sweethearts<br>And the summer wind<br><br>Like painted kites, those days and nights<br>Went flying by<br>The world was new<br>Beneath the bright blue<br>Umbrella sky<br><br>Then softer than<br>A piper man<br>One day, it called to you<br>I lost you to<br>The summer wind<br><br>The autumn wind<br>And the winter wind<br>They have come and gone<br>But still those days<br>Those lonely days<br>Go on and on<br>And guess who sighs his lullabies<br>Through nights that never end? <br>My fickle friend,<br>The summer wind<br><br>Umm... that summer wind.<br>Warm warm summer wind<br>Umm... that summer wind.

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