MICHAEL BUBLE - Paper Doll lyrics

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I'm gonna buy a Paper Doll that I can call my own

A doll that other fellows cannot steal

And then the flirty, flirty guys with their flirty, flirty eyes

Will have to flirt with dollies that are real

When I come home at night she will be waiting

She'll be the truest doll in all this world

I'd rather have a Paper Doll to call my own

Than have a fickle-minded real live girl

I guess I had a million dolls or more

I guess I've played the doll game o'er and o'er

I just quarrelled with Sue, that's why I'm blue

She's gone away and left me just like all dolls do

I'll tell you boy, it's tough to be alone

And it's tough to love a gal that's not your own

I'm through with all of them

I'll never fall again

Say boy, whatcha gonna do?

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