MICHAEL BUBLE - Dumb Ol' Heart lyrics

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I miss the way that you walk, the way that you talk

I miss the way that you smile, I haven't seen it for a while

And though all of this is true, the only thing that keeps me blue

Is that my dumb ol' heart, just won't stop missing you.

You got more grace than a movie star, your lips are sweeter than a candy bar

And though you're meaner than a crocodile, you know I'd walk a thousand miles

Just to say the words "I love you," and the words "I love you too, I do"

Oh my dumb ol' heart just won't stop missing you

Every time you go away, I miss you so

Every time you leave me dear, my heart will let me know

I'm so lucky that you are mine, I'm gonna love you till the end of time

And if you ever ever need a friend, you know I'll be there till the end

For you made my life worth living, when you said that you loved me too

And now my dumb ol' heart [his dumb ol' heart]

My dumb ol' heart [his dumb ol' heart]

It's so dumb for missing you

Look out ol' Mikey is back

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