Meyhem Lauren

Meyhem Lauren - 10 Dollar Lap Dances

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Yeah, the relevance, you already know

Can see me and my nigga Harry Fraud getting ten dollar lap dances

Looking like young kings

We graciously walk in the dirt back spot

Sit down and proceed with the wrong

Check it!

Hey yo road dealer, fly like griffin over a four wheeler

Fuck you even when you're breathing, hope the Lord heal you

Thought you was live, look in my eyes, but then you was so realer

We trace the bitches that you worship, you're a hoe kneeler

Time to get smashed like negligent pedestrians

Rocking fresh bold, just eating pussies like we're lesbians

Irreversible illness swinging like they're slap boxing

Rap talks to leave the.. back, we'll take the smack options

Like watching dick riders, babysit and moves I make

Still in the jungle, acting humble, moving cubes are fake

You's a fake! Your story couldn't pass the market test

Back cavers looking right, just couldn't have a sharper breast

Austin flesh sprinkled with blue cheese

My new... true cheese, I play for that team

We got a winner record!

Leave them hurting, catch a.. with a vicious ethic

Unsuspicious clock which is never unprotected

And when we go in that dirt back spot looking like money

They get offended cause they know

that we're not gonna tip more than anybody else in there

Just because we could.

So you see us in the dirt back spot looking righteous

And know what the fuck time it is

We're in here!

many nights I shout dice in the fuck drug deal, nigga

Yo, yo, yo!

Keep my chain rocking, yo cape back

You stay.. you're deader than dissected for your dead

Just call it pay back!

Gray hat, snickers for match

Look at me styling, you're a boat and I'm a portable...

And more than goes.. last time I gotta splash

and stay truce for my medallion

Remain right, I will play...

Something European get wrapped around my foot

Get paid like Jeremy Wayne, living off of the hook

Uh, never soar, gave you power like a handy...

We got stripes, green marks on a salmon burger

Collecting currency correctly, I'm a candid learner

But none eclipse Savannah trips, you're just a standing earner!

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