Mewithoutyou - We Know Who Our Enemies Are lyrics

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Save my skin, I need a medic <br />

Hold me down, I'm only sewn down. <br />

Save my teeth, show me you meant it <br />

Catch my death, I'm only sewn together. <br />

<br />

My eyelids are heavy, and the night's wearing on <br />

Your story's familiar, and your innocence is gone <br />

We'd burn like the morning then break like your heart <br />

Fall in love without warning just to fall back apart <br />

All fevered and blistered, with nothing at stake <br />

I feel the warmth of her whisper, and the cold of my mistakes <br />

Her soul in the balance, my heart in her hands <br />

I made her a widow, she made me a man.

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