Mewithoutyou - Torches Together lyrics

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Why burn poor and lonely under a bowl.<br />

Under a lampshade or on the shelf<br />

Beside the bed where at night<br />

You lay turning like a door on it's hinges?<br />

(First on your left side, then on your right side, then your left side again)<br />

Why burn poor and lonely?<br />

Tell all the stones, we're gonna make a building.<br />

We'll cut into shape & set into place or you'd rather be a window,<br />

I'll gladly be the frame reflecting any kind of words.<br />

We'll let in all the blame<br />

(And ruin our reputation all the same)<br />

Never mind out plan making,<br />

We'll start living......anyway,<br />

Aren't you unbearably sad?<br />

Then why burn so poor and lonely?<br />

<br />

We'll be like torches <br />

We'll be like torches<br />

We'll be torches together! torches together<br />

Well be like torches <br />

We'll be like torches<br />

With whatever respect, our tattered Dignity demands<br />

Torches together, hand in hand<br />

<br />

Why pluck one string - What good is just one note?<br />

Oh, one string sounds fine i guess....We were once 'One Note',<br />

We were lonely wheat quietly ground into grain<br />

(What light and momentary pain!)<br />

So why this safe distance, this curious look?<br />

Why tear out single pages when you can throw away the book?<br />

Why pluck one string when you can strum the guitar?<br />

Strum the guitar!<br />

Strum the guitar!<br />

Strum the guitar!<br />

With no beginning, with no end<br />

Take down a guitar and strum the guitar <br />

Strum the the guitar if you're afraid,<br />

And I'm afraid and everyone's afraid<br />

And everyone knows it but we don't have to be afraid anymore<br />

<br />

You played the flute but no one was dancing<br />

You sang a sad song but none of us(x4)<br />

You played such a sad song....such a sad song

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