Mewithoutyou - The Soviet lyrics

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God is love and love is real,<br />

But the dead are dancing with the dead<br />

And though all that's charming disappears<br />

All things lovely only hurt my head<br />

As I gather stones from fields like pearls of water on my fingers' ends<br />

And wrap them up in boxes,<br />

Safe from windows, from things that break,<br />

As the night-time shined like day it saw my sorry face,<br />

Hair a mess but it liked me best that way<br />

(Besides, how else could I confess?<br />

When I looked down like if to pray,<br />

Well I was looking down her dress...)<br />

Good God, please!<br />

Catch for us the foxes in the vineyard - The little foxes.<br />

Turn your ear, musician, to silence because they only come out when it's quiet,<br />

Their tails brushing over your eyelids<br />

Wake up, sleeper, and rise from the dead!<br />

Or the fur that they she'd will cover your bed in a delicate orange-ish cinnamon red,<br />

Ah, I don't need this!<br />

I have my loves, I have my doubts.<br />

I don't need this.

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