Mewithoutyou - The Dryness And The Rain lyrics

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First came a strong wind,<br />

Ripping off rooftops like bottlecaps<br />

And bending lampposts down to the ground<br />

Then came a thunder shattering my windows<br />

But you were not that strong wind or that might sound<br />

That left the barn in shambles, the rabbit hutch in ruins<br />

The split-rail fence splintered and the curtains torn,<br />

All the cows out from the pastures trampling on the pumpkins<br />

And the horses from their stables ambling in the corn<br />

<br />

Isa ruhu-lah 'alaihis-salat was-salam<br />

<br />

I've flown unnoticed just behind you like an insect<br />

And I've watched you like a falcon from a distance as you passed<br />

Then swooped down to be nearer to the traces of your footsteps<br />

To pick the fallen grain from the dirt beneath the crooked grass<br />

And I'm gonna take that grain and I'm gonna crush it all together<br />

Into the flour of a bread as small and simple and sincere<br />

As when the dryness and the rain finally drink from one another<br />

The gentle cup of mutual surrender tears<br />

<br />

A fish swims through the sea,<br />

While the sea is in a certain sense<br />

Contained within the fish!<br />

Ah, what am I to think<br />

Of what the writing of a thousand lifetimes<br />

Could not explain<br />

If all the forest trees were pens<br />

And all the oceans ink?<br />

<br />

Nastagh-firuka ya Hokan<br />

Ya Dhal-Jalah wal-Ikram<br />

Isa ruhu-lah 'alaihis-salat was-salam<br />

Ya Halim, ya Qahhar<br />

Ya Muntaqim, ya Ghaffar!<br />

La Ilaha ilallahu, Allahu Akbar!

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