Mewithoutyou - The Cure For Pain lyrics

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The cure for pain is in the pain, <br />

So it's there that you'll find me. <br />

Until again I forget, <br />

And again he reminds me, <br />

"Hear my voice in your head, <br />

And think of me kindly." <br />

<br />

Let me be, let me be.. <br />

<br />

Lowered down like a casket <br />

And buried just below her chest. <br />

"Whatever I was searching for, <br />

It was never you," she says. <br />

The record ended long ago, <br />

We go on dancing nonetheless. <br />

<br />

I opened like a locket, <br />

"If you're ever cold," I wrote, <br />

"there's warmth inside me. <br />

I'm the pocket of an old winter coat." <br />

But where she used to say "I need you." <br />

Now...."I don't." <br />

<br />

You'd only make the softest sound, <br />

Like sugar pouring into tea. <br />

Darling let your Self pour down <br />

And dissolve into the Love <br />

Who revealed himself there quietly to me... <br />

<br />

(Jesus have mercy on us.)

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