Mewithoutyou - Seven Sisters lyrics

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He made the world a grassy road before our bare, wandering feet,<br />

And crushed the stones into the softest sand between our toes,<br />

But we're wondering where to sleep,<br />

Clever words on pages turn to fragments, circles, points and lines, <br />

And cover them like carpets, with graceful,<br />

Meaningless ornamental designs <br />

Come quick, you light that knows no evening<br />

Come, alone to the alone!<br />

I have a thousand half-loves well worth leaving for to take your madness home,<br />

And you dance inside my chest where no on sees you,<br />

But sometimes I see you<br />

Rejoice, the cleansing of my lips<br />

Rejoice, salvation of my soul!<br />

But I still have a thousand half-loves<br />

(Oh my God! I want to shoot myself just thinking about it)<br />

And you think I don't mean what I say?<br />

Well I mean every word I say.<br />

I threw a small stone down at the reflection of my image in the water,<br />

And it altogether disapperared.<br />

I burst, as it shattered through me like a bullet through a bottle,<br />

And I'm expected to believe that any of this is real.

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