Mewithoutyou - O, Porcupine lyrics

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Without a queen the locust swarm<br />

Turned the ground to black,<br />

Descending like a shadowy tower opon a fish's back.<br />

And scattered the sticks who crawled<br />

Like snakes in the sand,<br />

As the red clay took the form of a lizard,<br />

Who rushed like a moth to the flame of my open hand<br />

<br />

(My little my sad little world...)<br />

<br />

Then a speckled bird humbly inspired<br />

Ran across the road when it could have flown,<br />

And it made me smile.<br />

And at the water's edge, Babylon;<br />

As we lay and slept,<br />

The river wept for you, Zion!<br />

The stones cry out,<br />

Bells shake the sky!<br />

All of creation groans...<br />

<br />

SHHHH!<br />

<br />

Listen to it!<br />

<br />

Messes of men in farmer poverty;<br />

Not much for monks, but we pretend to be;<br />

Share a silent meal and a pot of chamomile.<br />

Gypsies like us should be stamped in solidarity.<br />

And I held you in my fond but distant memory,<br />

While waiting for the Mother Hen to gather me,<br />

Who regretfully wrote:<br />

<br />

"You have a decent ear for notes,<br />

But you can't yet appreciate harmony."<br />

<br />

O porcupine, low in the tree; your eyes to mine:<br />

<br />

'You'd be well inclined not to mess with me.'<br />

<br />

And at the garden's edge beneath a speechless sky,<br />

As his friends slept,<br />

Jesus wept - and it's no wonder why.<br />

You wanna be set free?<br />

You wanna set me free?!<br />

Well that can only come from<br />

A union with the One Who Never Dies.<br />

<br />

[In my little world, in my sad little world, I patched a plaster wall<br />

In my little world, I was waiting, just dying<br />

To take offense at something.<br />

In my little world, in my little world, in my sad little world<br />

This is all there is in my little world.<br />

<br />

In darkness a light shines<br />

On me.<br />

<br />

In darkness a light shines<br />

On you.<br />

<br />

Oh what'd I say?!<br />

<br />

I never gathered figs from a thorny branch,<br />

(Oh what'd I say?!)<br />

I never picked a grape off a bramble bush!<br />

(Oh what'd I say?!)<br />

For the past five; almost six years now,<br />

(Our Lord is come!)<br />

You haven't once looked at me with kindness in your eyes;<br />

(Oh what'd I say?!)<br />

And you say Judas is a brother of mine?<br />

(Oh what'd I say?!)<br />

Oh, but sister in our darkness a light shines!<br />

(Oh what'd I say?!)<br />

And all I ever want to say for the rest of my life,<br />

(Oh What'd I say!)<br />

Is how the light is GOD!<br />

(Our Lord is come!)<br />

And through I've been mistaken on this or that point,<br />

That light is God.

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