Mewithoutyou - Nice And Blue lyrics

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You were a song that I couldn't sing<br />

<br />

You were a story I couldn't tell<br />

I've only ever loved myself<br />

But I've loved myself so well.<br />

And how defeated I return!<br />

(you're nice and blue, you're nice and blue)<br />

I missed what I was supposed to learn<br />

As all I learned about was missing you.<br />

<br />

A life left half behind, though no longer<br />

Blind I can't yet see. I'm not the boy that<br />

I once was, but I'm not the man I'll be.<br />

I've been waiting now, for six years on<br />

(and have only just begun)<br />

For the day you'll hold her in your arms,<br />

Oh risen Lord, my precious one.<br />

<br />

I was once the wine, and you the wineglass.<br />

I was once alive, when you held me.<br />

God became the glass,<br />

All things left were emptiness<br />

Oh, my little girl, if you look out<br />

And see a trace of dark red that used<br />

To be my face, in the clarity of his<br />

Grace: remember me.

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