Mewithoutyou - Mexican War Streets lyrics

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Don't wait by the path I lead

The passing of time

The pouring of day

How they know I play dayz

Of my soul, to resemble bridge be burned

Till our anger stops over

Where the hands of clotch don't turn

On my soul

Then my lips remain discrete

While you're traps serving neath our feet

But how long before our tails

Are caught by our quote free and unquote

Sugar and the cane and the candles of love

Cannel on the flame for the tea pot no

I tremble at the thought

Sugar in the cane, candles flow

South Side flats with the upscale glow

I tremble at the thought

I tremble at the thought

On the streets Mexican Wars, I battle with the though

Memory of the first fight

In our contemptible youth

I called it white knight

Thinking I can't rid of you

Braided with a stow in my hand

But you were quite right

Nature had another plan

Failed to run it by me

Nature had another plan

Some other soaring in self

Don't let the settlement fall when it's somebody else

It's in your rebel eyes

You were right, it's not a personal dite

The world by insiders

Sugar and the cane and the candles of love

On the world Stan Bridge, looking down at the Ohio

Tremble on the thought of what's often referred to

As karma

Sugar and the cane and the candles are gone

You panic like a mouse when the lights go on

I admit it, wants my heart to watch your world fall apart

And carve the holes, cut me down from the bridge

To hack with all the drugs my parents did

Act like come in, whoever said the words we print in red?

With a point in my teeth

Our Mexican War Streets

The first we sat through some mutual meetings

Alone through the desperation so short obtained

The rock of salvation laid with a steed

The senses are certain like oceans between us

Lend me your strings under rotating wings

Unite us are springs of cardigan sting

Proper incantation on rational theme

Gradually devour forces like oceans between us

We have all the signs we need

We've decided not to radiate

Find a noose and get saved

Relation between, but firstly the size

We're like dead lights on seismic machines

Our end to vibration and petrified men

Actions, relations by gun to the pens

The old blues heart never in a place

Do nothing to bridge

Survey oceans between us

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