Mewithoutyou - Magic Lantern Days lyrics

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Hand and request and a atomic more

Now to the Earth upon this war

And in the bed react the core

Up and discover since

Hear the blast atomic sea

It’s melt and both rich Tennessee

Who’s worth untouched with blasphemy,

Our grown lies attempted

Is rapt for rapt clothes

Same fly but passed off into arm

Puttin’ on and whisper all

Time will fill the roughest yard

The hospital is the funeral yard but none will turn around

But neither thigh again for your ninety eighty five

Turn on a fight right

I stand there, hurt you now

And no longer get now, that won’t stop me

Get on mysterious way

We get up on closet ways

From try not to claim today

For him brow it and ways don’t know

The independent desert seen

But you’re here from wearing that

Tryin’ to stay first

All the children from here

Go away and resolve it, lying just right here

Shark and go away for rest

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