Mewithoutyou - Lilac Queen lyrics

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Carnage strings and rocket seems and cyclone turning seas

That pose profanely rigged

Hymns washed, ponchos pinted clean

And proud you frady stream where no-one knows my name

I'll be long gone

Thorn blows through crushed valve

Moon rise, lips are full glow

Search the world beneath

Cloud in the breach, a three mile beach

All spent fuel, pool of foets

On the same domain

I'll be long long gone

I'll be long long gone

With such fairy pose you'd suppose

That mouth would finally close

When you're long long gone

I was born in a dark mine

I was the ice's flat design

You were my Lilac Queen

Flattening through your empire streams

I was born in a dark mine

Born in a still-born heart of mine

You were the railroad king

Peddling round your sapphire king

Salvage the queen from the half hen

Seems the loop flies miles, the vulture man

Circling me as I go

Sobering up my oat meal with stu

Mirror the boots and that stark horn

Relentless thoughts of the ways of the voice

You're erasing the side roads

Pacing west by HB roads

But I



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